The Department of Applied Pedagogy and Educational Psychology (PAPE) is made up of diverse professors and research groups that, altogether, pursue the main objective of promoting and improving the knowledge in this field through teaching tasks, projects, research, congresses... In addition, the PAPE Department covers different areas of knowledge and contributes with different lines of research, like citizenship, development, education and language, educational technology, inclusive school and diversity, intercultural education and early childhood. For this reason, our department has a multidisciplinary structure, which makes contributing widely to the teaching task, as well as researching, possible.

On the one hand, the teaching task is characterized for having the main objective of providing students with both personal and professional skills within this area, as well as appropriate and optimal learning so that they can develop a service to the community around them. The degrees and postgraduate courses can be consulted in the section of studies.

On the other hand, there are 6 research groups which deal with different topics in this department. Among these topics we can find the development of language and bilingualism, high intellectual abilities, early attention, inclusive school, environmental education, early childhood, intercultural education, technological advances within education and hospital pedagogy. Thus, these groups investigate through various projects with the aims of providing advanced knowledge to society’s progress in this area and contributing positively to the community in which we work.