September 2017. Helena Alvarado and Pep Pérez in Grandparents and Grandchildren. (Diari Ara)

June 2017. Daniel Adrover Roig in How to manage children's holidays? (UOC News)

November 2016. Francesca Salvà Mut and Jaume Sureda Negre in Confronting the problem of early school giving up. (Diari de Mallorca)

July 2016. Lucía Buil and her doctoral thesis on Specific Language Disorder (TEL): when the words are not understood. (Última Hora)

December 2015. The Council proposes Miquel Oliver Trobat as the new president of the School Council. (Ara Balears)

October 2015. Interview to Rosabel Rodríguez about the High Abilities and the protocol of detection of students with High Abilities of the Balearic Islands. (Diari d'Ibiza)

September 2015. Jaume Sureda Negre in the news Comparisons with ignominious results. (Diari de Mallorca)

August 2015. Jaume Sureda Negre in the news Segregated Education. (Diari de Mallorca)

July 2015. Francesca Salvà Mut in the news After the LOMCE, what? (Diari de Mallorca)

June 2015. Maria Antònia Riera and Maria Ferrer in Everything starts in the pre-school education. (Diari de Mallorca)

May 2015. Jaume Sureda Negre in Attract the best students to the teacher's studies. (Diari de Mallorca)

March 2015. The Education and Citizenship Group in The boys copy more than the girls in the high school. (ABC)

March 2014. Members of the Department of Applied Pedagogy and Educational Psychology (Lucia Buil Legaz, Eva Aguilar Mediavilla and Daniel Adrover Roig) were awarded by the College of Speech Therapists of Catalonia for their research project Study of development in the difficulties in acquisition of language and its influence in the learning of reading and writing. (Diari de la UIB)  

January 2014. Participation of the Education and Citizenship Group in The UIB progresses on the tools against academic cyberfraud. (Última Hora)