The research groups of the Department of Applied Pedagogy and Educational Psychology of the UIB belong to the area of Education Sciences. Hence, the groups that are part of our department analyze a wide variety of topics and encompass different lines of research and projects. Below, the different research groups are exposed, in addition to the lines of investigation that they encompass and their corresponding web pages.

- Research in Development, Education and Language (I+DEL)

Lines of investigation

Logo I+DEL

Logo Grup Investigació Altes Capacitats

  • Cognitive and emotional aspects of creativity.
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- Education and Citizenship (EIC)

Lines of investigation

Logo grup d'investigació educació i ciutadania

  • Education for sustainability (Environmental education) and interpretation of patrimony (Cultural management).
  • Training and work. Training of trainers.
  • Social uses of the internet.
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 - Educational Technology Group (GTE)

Lines of investigation

Logo grup de tecnologia educativa

  • Effects of technological advances in the teaching-learning process.
  • Didactic design in technological environments.
  • Evaluation and validation of virtual environments and comunication tools.
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- Inclusive School and Diversity Research Group (GREID)

Lines of investigation
  • Inclusive school and attention to diversity.
  • Hospital Pedagogy.


  • Early attention and social inclusion of people with disabilities.
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- Research Group on Intercultural Education (GREI)

Lines of investigation
  • Multiculturalism and education.
  • Intercultural education.
  • Cultural diversity.


- Early Childhood Research Group (GIPI)

Lines of investigation

Logo Grup d'Investigació Primera Infància
  • Prevention and health in early childhood.
  • Support for families in early childhood.
  • Design, evaluation and implementation of educational programs in early childhood.
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